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Welcome to Dego. This is our first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging is what WordPress says, but hey we’ve also got our ideas to share!

Since September 2015, our small team has been working hard at reshaping last mile logistics to fit to the various needs of different individuals, industries and companies of all sizes. We’re not your standard couriers that have been serving this country for many years, but we’ve got a social mission as a technology company to empower, upskill and improve the lives of informal labour force in Malaysia.

We engage with 3,000+ experienced and trusted individual contractors and vehicle owners in Klang Valley to provide a variety of services.

Our mission is built on 5 pillars: Efficiency, Reliability, Trust, Innovation, and Social Impact.

Our RocketUncle, Zyllem & Dego Partners testify that their income and quality of life has improved as an independent contractor while providing them access to a daily source of income.

Dego officially operates within the Greater Klang Valley providing services across 50+ townships and 100% Postcode coverage with plans to expand into more cities and towns near you.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to Dego

  1. Faigrabber says:

    Is dego still do the bizz?
    If still active,
    May i know how to joint your affiliate system ?
    And how much profit can i make from your affiliate system. Tq

  2. RuffRyder says:

    I’ve used your service few times where the place of riders’ crowd is not in a large numbers.
    Just my 20 cents;why not put the orange sticker logo on the motorcycle or helmet so that pillion rider could distinguish easily or just uniformed them in any orange colour shirt or t shirt which the rider owned?


    • Nabil Feisal Bamadhaj says:

      Hi RuffRyder,

      Thank you for using our Dego Ride service, and well noted on the idea for easy identification of our Rider Partners. We agree and have something coming up to solve this issue. Thanks for sharing your feedback and its much appreciated!

    • Nabil Feisal Bamadhaj says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes we are working with MDEC eRezeki to help Dego with the expansion and growth of our services in Segamat and Johor as a whole, specifically in Johor Bahru.

      Looking forward to your kind registration and participation in our combined efforts.

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