Dedicated Partner Programme

Whether it’s drinks, meals, legal documents, fashion sample or a prototype of the next great gadget, prompt delivery of your items are important to your firm and to your clients. Dego will get your items delivered on time, every time. Want greater control over your delivery costs? We provide easy-to-use tools for tracking spending within your organization. Need to know where your items are right now? We provide you with free notifications and real-time tracking throughout the pick-up and delivery process.

We serve businesses large and small including law firms, real estate companies, PR firms, printers, etc. We offer the most comprehensive local delivery service available at the most affordable rates in Klang Valley. If you have frequent or need more flexibility for your pick-up and delivery needs that are not available with our current services, please contact us with the following form to be in touch with you shortly!

Our rate starts at a low fixed-rate per month for each Dego Dedicated Partner assigned to your Headcount.